Bruce Springsteen: You are never too old to dance with me!

Bruce Springsteen plays guitar on stageJamie McCarthy/Getty Images


New Jersey icon Bruce Springsteen is in the midst of his “The River” tour and fans of all ages are packing stadiums from coast to coast to sing, dance and clap along to his hits from the 1980 double album. So it isn’t surprising that some of Bruce’s fans are well into their 80s and 90s, having hit middle age¬†when the album came out 35 years ago. In the past couple of weeks videos have gone viral of The Boss dancing with 91-year-old fan¬†Jeannie Heintz in St. Paul, Minn, and then this week with a fan particularly close to his heart, his 90-year-old mother Adele. So don’t fear old age because as these women prove in the clips below, you can still rock out with your idols on stage.

Bonus: Check out this video of Bruce singing “Thunder Road” over the past 41 years.