Why NJ YouTube star Carli Bybel went vegan

NJ beauty blogger Carli Bybel goes vegan

If you’re an animal lover, make a conscious effort to eat “clean” on the reg., or have ever watched one of those alarming meat industry documentaries — chances are you’ve entertained the idea of becoming a vegetarian or vegan.  Beauty and fashion guru Carli Bybel, who is known for posting her diet routine and eating habits for her 4.4 million fans on YouTube, recently decided to make the plunge to veganism along with her boyfriend, fellow social media star Brett Cap. “No meat, no animal, no fish, no dairy, no cheese… no chicken, nothing” she tells her mom on the phone in a new video explaining the change. Instead, the two are consuming “lots of pasta, lots of rice and lots of veggies.”

In the video Bybel, 25, discusses the reasons behind their drastic nutrition change, one of those being her frequent eczema attacks. “I’ve been struggling with eczema for a really, really, really long time,” she says. “I went to an allergist, I’ve tried every lotion, I’ve tried everything and I came to realize that it was not something on the outside.” Getting rid of laundry detergents and fragrance didn’t help and she found that her diet (including fish and cheese) was contributing to her painful skin flare-ups.

The makeup tutorial star says after just a few days she is already feeling better, and loving the fact that she can finally eat pasta without guilt. We’re definitely down for that!