5 great snacks to help you refuel after a tough workout

Workout snacks for good nutrition
Do you know what to eat after your workout?  You’re sweaty from spin and now you’re starving, A post-workout meal is the best way to re-fuel and reload your exhausted muscles. Plus you will continue to burn fat and build muscle. Eat foods that are easily digestible and good quality proteins.

Here are my top 5 post workout snacks.

Avocado egg casserole with a slice of whole grain bread
Whole grains filled with fiber and a healthy source of carbohydrates. Eggs and veggies provide the right cards and proteins. Just the right amount of healthy fat and the salt to replace lost sodium.

Apple and 12 almonds
Consuming a balanced snack is always the right path; pairing an apple with almonds you receive protein, fat and carbohydrates, perfect.

Protein pancakes
I’ll make this for breakfast for the kids and have the leftovers after I work out. Simple to make and easy to freeze. Great potassium to rejuvenate your body and you feel like your being bad, they are pancakes, so enjoy!

Green monster smoothie
Blend 4 cups spinach, 1 cup almond milk, 1 banana, and 1 tablespoon peanut butter with ice — a favorite in my house any time of day. Great afterschool snack for the kids too.

1 cup cooked protein (from dinner last night), ½ cup cooked veggies, throw them in a pan with a touch of olive oil and a big handful of spinach. Sauté till heated thru and eat!

Beth is the founder of Blue Barn Kitchen. She is a New Jersey-based food blogger, TV expert, recipe developer, and certified holistic health coach. Visit her healthy lifestyle site for more recipes and healthy living advice at www.BlueBarnKitchen.com.