Amber and Jim Marchese: ‘Airline incident was PDA, not domestic assault’

Amber and Jim Marchese hit the red carpet in 2014.Mike Pont/Getty Images

Amber and Jim Marchese hit the red carpet in 2014.

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Amber and Jim Marchese are speaking out about Jim’s arrest for allegedly attacking Amber last month, calling it a big misunderstanding. The Colts Neck couple says all is well with their marriage, and they plan to file a whopping $100 million lawsuit against Virgin America.

The incident went down at Los Angeles International Airport on April 20 when the couple was boarding a flight back home to New Jersey after shooting a new reality TV project for 3 weeks. Jim was arrested for alleged domestic assault against his wife, taken into custody and later released on $50,000 bail. And that looks to be the end of the incident from a criminal standpoint. In an interview with All About the Tea, Jim said he was never actually charged with a crime and so didn’t have to show up for a May 11 court date.

With the threat of charges behind them Amber, 38, and Jim, 47, are now telling their side of the story. In an interview with People the couple explained that just after boarding, they were joking around with each other, and engaging in a little PDA,  when Jim put his hand behind Amber’s neck and pulled her in so he could whisper a flirty comment to her. That’s when a flight attendant came by to offer them a drink.

Jim says, “My understanding is that flight attendant saw my arm around the back of Amber [during the PDA], and that where the accusation came from. I don’t know definitely if it was [the flight attendant], but I assume it was her because she’s the only one who could notify the captain and call the police.”

The parents of four, were then removed from the flight, separated, and cuffed, so officers could question them alone. Eventually Jim was taken to jail, where he says he was treated well by the LAPD, and later released after Amber bailed him out. The two maintain there was no signs of bruising or injury, and there has never been a case of domestic violence in their 10-year marriage.

Jim and Amber are not having a great month. In addition to all this LAX drama, Jim’s mother sadly passed away on May 11.