NJ beauty guru Melissa Flores has your dark circles fix

If you’ve ever partied into the wee hours of the morning on a work night, stayed up late binge watching a series on Netflix, or used caffeine as an alternative to sleep because, well, life — you’re familiar with the under eye woes known as “dark circles.” Perhaps you rule at getting enough sleep and your dark circles are hereditary.

No matter what causes them to appear, they’re not pretty. Sure there are countless beauty products out there that claim to cover them up, or even decrease their appearance overall, but which ones work? Is there a proper way to apply them?

Luckily, beauty expert (and NJ native) Melissa Flores, who is known for posting makeup tutorials for her 38,000 YouTube followers, in addition to her popular blog, provides us with all the deets on how to really conceal dark circles once and for all. In one of the makeup expert’s most recent videos, we were amazed to see how easy it is to make tired eyes look fresh and flawless.

Bring on the sleepless nights!