Get the Dina Manzo glow with her (totally affordable) skin care line

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Clearly, I was not the only one wondering the secret behind former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo’s beautiful, glowy skin. Dina tells me that’s the number one question she gets asked by fans — and one of the main reasons she launched  her new skin care line, Glow By Dina.

You may know Dina as a Housewife and successful interior designer, but what you probably don’t know is that she started out in the beauty business when she was just 15 years old.

“My first official job was in a beauty supply store,” Dina, 44, tells OMJ. “I quickly became the manager. We would supply beauty products to salons, spas and wholesale. I really had to know a lot about what was in the products and how they worked. At a very young age I learned about what worked for the skin. I also worked for a beauty salon where I did makeup, and then for Lancome. I paid attention to the ingredients and what works and what doesn’t.”

rhonj-dina-manzo-skincare-line-glow-by-dinaKelly Dillon/OMJ

To create Glow by Dina, the reality star partnered with four dermatologists at Skin Resource.MD. The resulting five-product line is non-toxic, paraben-free and animal-friendly. The line is manufactured in a green facility, where they make their own electricity and purified water.

And the best part, it’s completely affordable! Each product ranges from $11 to $19. Dina says, “This is your basic skin care, that no matter what your age, everyone should have.”

Dina has everyone using the line, from her mom to her daughter, Lexi, and even her boyfriend. Dina says, “I wanted to make sure it was good for everyone. The fact that it is fragrance-free, makes it great for men. They aren’t going to walk around smelling like a rose.”

Since moving to Malibu, California, she has noticed her skin getting drier, so one of Dina’s favorite products from the line is her Glow Moisturizer. She adds, “I can keep putting it on as much as I need to and it keeps hydrating you. You can use it on your body as well, that’s how clean it is. I mix it with my bronzer. It lightens and brightens, while giving you that moisture.”

dina-manzo-rhonj-skincare-line-glow-by-dinaKelly Dillon/OMJ

While helping your skin, you are also supporting a great cause. A percentage of all sales goes to Dina’s non-profit organization, Project Ladybug (featured in the last season of RHONJ), which enriches the lives of children with life-threatening conditions.

“Aging is not easy,” Dina says. “If there’s something I know works, and I can get it to the consumer at an affordable price, that’s what I’m all about. It’s not about getting rich. I just want to share what I know and help women across the country  look great, age gracefully and feel good about themselves.” Amen, Dina!

You can shop the line at Glow By Dina, and check out their Instagram for sales and deals.