Why I went back to school for my dream career

I’ve been working in the psychiatric field for over ten years now, and I love it; to know you helped a person’s life is such a rewarding job. But for the last two years I’ve been feeling a slight void that I couldn’t ignore any longer. I’ve always been a creative person, from painting murals throughout my hometown of Newark, to getting my poetry published in books. I found myself missing the creative process, though. So I was left with one question, “How can I still help others while being artistically creative?”

Jessenia Vice Makeup

Jessenia Vice Makeup

Recently on a train ride into New York City I was approached by someone on who asked me if I was a makeup artist. I have to admit, I blushed but the answer was, “no.” It was at that very moment that a light bulb ignited in my mind. Should I get into makeup artistry? Ever since the Great Recession, expensive education has received a bad name.  Many graduates can’t find work and when they do, they start at an entry level rate requiring a minimum of a high school degree. I don’t want to quit my job, but I do want to juggle a second career where I can fill my creative void while having an additional income, all the while helping others. That would be a dream come true!

After doing extensive homework here is what I learned:
  • Cosmetology School & Makeup Artistry Schools are totally different: if makeup is what you want to specialize then find a makeup artistry school.
  • Pick a school that has a great reputation and is a credited: you don’t want to invest in a program where you learn nothing and have to reinvest in another program.
  • Find a school that covers the business aspect of makeup: learn how to run your independent business and become your own boss.
  • You can further your education within the industry: makeup doesn’t just end with making people look pretty. You can also get into Special FX and create anything your imagination drives you to!
Some of the advantages of makeup school vs self-taught:
  • Business career development
  • Fundamentals & etiquette
  • Gain experience & contacts
  • Professional makeup kit starter
  • Learning components of makeup ingredients
  • Skill of applying makeup on others
  • Practice the right way, not your way
What To Look For In A School?:
  • Location
  • Price
  • Artistry development
  • Business development

Look for a makeup school that fits what you’re looking for! I found mine and I’ll be starting class this Monday at The School of Makeup Effects in South Amboy. I’m so excited and nervous! I’ll be video blogging the experience on: My YouTube Channel – Click Here! Make sure to subscribe and look out for a lot more makeup tutorials.