Animal lover Jon Stewart adopts abused pony hit by paintballs

"The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" #JonVoyagephoto by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Comedy Central

We already knew that former Daily Show host Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey, a licensed veterinary technician, are huge animal lovers, but this story truly tugs at our heartstrings. The couple have come to the rescue of an abused pony named Lily, who will find a new home this week at their Middletown, New Jersey nonprofit animal sanctuary Bufflehead Farm.

Lily, 20, who’s blind in her right eye, was found in March at New Holland Sales Stables in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in sad condition, having been shot nearly 130 times with a paint gun, according to the local SPCA chapter, apparently used for target practice.

But this horrific story does have a happy ending. On Wednesday, Lily and her companion Anita, will officially move to their new home.

Kelly Smith of Omega Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation Center in Airville, Pennsylvania,¬†which has been housing the animals, wrote on Facebook on Friday, “Today justice was found for Lily, so the next part of her journey will begin. Lily along with our beloved Anita, are being adopted by the comedian Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey. There are no words to describe how this feels. Both of these horses overcame odds that were against them. Now both will spend their lives with never having to be abused, neglected or unwanted.”

Smith told the Associated Press that Lily’s recovery is “phenomenal.” She’s gained several hundred pounds and is well on the road to recovery! Read more about Lily here.