Back to school: overcoming my fear

Lets be honest, if you’ve been out of school for even just a few years, you probably experience some form of anxiety or fear with the thought of going back to school. In my case, going back to school is completely opposite of what I’ve done for the last ten years. I’m pursuing my makeup artistry certification to fill a void in my life, and have lots of emotions ranging from excitement to FEAR!

One of the fears I faced when tackling the idea of going back to school was the financial part. Could I afford it? I was lucky to find a reputable makeup artistry school in NJ with a great tuition payment plan within my budget. Not only would I be learning the fundamentals and business aspects of the makeup world, but I would be saving a ton of money by staying in Jersey. Make sure to consider all costs, not just tuition. Think of travel, parking, food and most importantly— time.

Another fear of mine was juggling an extra hat. I already work a part-time job at a Psychiatric ER, and host a weekly recap show in NYC that I also produce. Will I crash and burn? The truth is, it’s not easy at all, but can it be done! Well, I’m doing it. Working part-time while going to school full-time just means I have to sacrifice some late nights and early mornings. Fortunately for me, I found a school that is willing to work with me off hours to help me on days I might have to leave earlier or arrive later. Be sure to communicate with everyone in your life, professionally and personally.

modern woman, juggling careers

Silly thoughts come to mind when you’re in your 30s and going back to school. Am I too old? Truth is, you’re never too old to follow your passion and dream. To my surprise I’m not the only one in my 30s in my class. I’m also not the only one pursing a second career. Some are even moms! This not only inspires me, but it also motivates me. Young or old, my classmates all offer priceless knowledge within the classroom, so don’t be your own worst enemy! Be open-minded.

At the end of the day, I had a choice. I could either focus on all of my fears and create new ones, or just face my fears and overcome them one day at a time. I don’t ever want to live my life wondering “what if,” or live with regrets. So my advice to anyone suffering with fear of going back to school is to believe in your goals. No one can take away your knowledge, practice and credentials especially in something you love to do.

Keep your eyes open as I’ll be sharing video blogs on my experience as a student at School Of Makeup Effects on my YouTube channel.