Yes, you can wear leather in the summer

Rocking my leather in the warm weatherKelly Dillon/OMJ

Rocking my leather in the warm weather

Think you can’t rock leather during the hot, summer months? Well, think again! You most certainly can, and I promise, you won’t break a sweat. I’m a huge believer in not abiding by fashion rules. I wear white after Labor Day, and I love mixing browns with blacks, so, of course, I wear my leather pieces whenever I want, including the summertime. No, you won’t look out of place — if anything I get compliments all the time for my bold choice. And I swear, it’s not as hot as it seems. Leather is elegant, chic and very slimming, and by incorporating one piece of it in your look, you can easily rock it during those sweltering months. I’m wearing a gorgeous faux leather skirt from Zara, and the best part is, it’s only $40!

Looks like OMJ Trendsetter Dawn Del Russo had the same idea. She is rocking the same exact Zara leather midi on Instagram, in a lovely teal color. Clearly, great minds think alike.