10 signs you and your BFF are Snooki and JWoww

Snooki-JWoww-BFFsGetty Images file

When I saw MissDomesticated.com’s “Is Your BFF the Snooki to Your JWoww?” quiz, I already knew the answer. YES!

Snooki and JWoww are the ultimate BFFs. They’ve been there for each other through literally everything since Jersey Shore began. From chugging margaritas to juggling motherhood, Snooki and JWoww’s friendship just keeps getting stronger.

Here are 10 signs you and your BFF are as close as the shore’s most famous soul mates:

  1. Your best friend’s standards are as high as yours.
    She would never let you make out with a boy grenade.

  1. What’s hers is yours.
    If she doesn’t like someone, you don’t either. You would never like her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s Instagram. You’re just that loyal.

  1. Anyone who tries to mess with you has to get through her first.
    She’s super protective of you. She’s almost like a personal bodyguard.

  1. An ideal night consists of the two of you getting drinks and dancing.
    Whether you’re at an exclusive club or your kitchen, everywhere you two go quickly turns into a party.

  1. No topic is off limits.
    Your BFF knows everything about you. Even the most embarrassing details of your personal life.

  1. You can never spend too much time together.
    Hey, you might even live together! Sometimes you even have to sleep in the same bed so that you don’t have to spend a minute apart.

  1. She’s your favorite travel partner.
    You two have plans to travel the world together. (Even though a simple trip to the mall is a full-fledged adventure.)

  1. She’s basically your mom.
    Your BFF is your emergency contact. She makes you soup when you’re sick. She even brushes your hair sometimes.

  1. Nearly every photo on your Instagram includes her.
    If a stranger looks at your Instagram account, they wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s yours or hers.

  1. She would do anything for you.
    Like she’d probably take a bullet for you. Okay, maybe not a bullet, that’s pretty dramatic. But, she’d do a lot.