’30 Rock’ is (kind of) back in Verizon’s latest campaign

Jane-Krakowski-Jack-McBrayer-30-Rock-ReunionGetty Images file

30 Rock fans are in luck! If you’ve lost track of how many times you’ve re-watched one of Netflix’s most binge-worthy shows and are in need of some fresh material, your wait is over.

Jersey girl Jane Krakowski and the hilarious Jack McBrayer have returned as Jenna Maroney and Kenneth Parcel for a Verizon advertising campaign. The series finale aired in 2013, but Jenna and Kenneth are still up to the same antics.

How,  after years of friendship with Jenna, does Jack still not know what a backdoor brag is? Jenna Maroney basically invented the subtle brag!

As a superfan of the show, I’ll take a measly minute of new 30 Rock.  Maybe when Jenna’s done with being a Tony-nominated Broadway star, she’ll be up for a revamp!