Exercising sucks less with a buddy. AMIRITE?

People work out at a gym in London.Sang Tan

Staying motivated while working out can be tough. Even if you’re one of those people that “enjoys” exercising, everyone needs a push from time to time. Sometimes your driving force is minimal, in the form of an inspirational quote you read on Pinterest, or some fresh gear to wear. Or maybe you ate an entire pizza and get your butt to the gym because you chose to eat an entire pizza. Hey, it happens. But when all those factors are not enough, there’s your workout partner to rely on.

There are, of course, many people that prefer to exercise solo, but let’s face it — most perform better when paired with a pal, especially when it’s your bff! Local fitness model and chef Chris Rossano can testify to that.

I don't ever workout with people…. But when I do, it's obviously my wifey. ???????? I don't even workout with my man. You the real MVP, ????.

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