Susan Sarandon and Salma Hayek check out each other’s cleavage at Cannes

Kering And Cannes Film Festival Official Dinner : Photocall At The 69th Cannes Film FestivalPhoto by Clemens Bilan/Getty Images for Kering

It’s okay to stare at Susan Sarandon‘s cleavage…if you’re Salma Hayek! In a hilarious Instagram post, Hayek is seen checking out Sarandon’s ample assets with her eyes and mouth open, while Sarandon ogles her right back, giving new meaning to the term “bosom buddies.” Hayek captioned the image, which Sarandon of course reposted:

Salma: “Susan, you are bigger than me!”
Susan Sarandon: “Of course I am…”

Salma: "Susan, you are bigger than me!" Susan Sarandon: "Of course I am…" #cannes #friends #susansarandon

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Academy Award winning actress Sarandon, who grew up in Edison and was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2010, clearly has a sense of humor about her bod and isn’t afraid to show it off. Earlier this year, one of her outfits set off “Cleavagegate” after Piers Morgan denounced the low-cut look Sarandon wore to pay tribute to her late friend, singer David Bowie, at the SAG Awards.

This week marks the 25th anniversary of Sarandon’s iconic film Thelma & Louise, which she starred in with Geena Davis. Sarandon was in Cannes for a panel about the film. Her most recent film is The Meddler, in which Sarandon plays a mom who’s a little too invested in her daughter’s life.