Kevin Jonas defends Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, talks baby number two

Nick-Jonas-Danielle-JonasAstrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Wyckoff native Kevin Jonas defended new parents Chrissy Teigen and John Legend after the couple was harshly criticized for stepping out to dinner 10 days after the birth of their daughter Luna.

“It’s no one’s place to make comments on how your life your life,” said Kevin on Nigel Barker’s Gentleman’s Code.

If anyone is qualified to speak out against parent-shaming, it’s Kevin and wife Danielle. (Who recently, and adorably, announced that he and wife Danielle are expecting another baby.) When it comes to parenting, the couple has heard it all.

According to Kevin, critics questioned whether 2-year-old Alena is even their real daughter, claiming that Danielle “didn’t look pregnant.”

Hopefully baby number two doesn’t spark up anymore crazy conspiracy theories!

Kevin also skipped the whole “we’re just hoping for ten fingers and ten toes” charade when Nigel asked him about the next Jonas baby and shared that he’s hoping for another little girl.

After growing up with all boys, Kevin’s always wished for two daughters.

“I want to be surrounded by girls,” the honest dad explained.

“Oh, of course you’ve never been surrounded by women,” Nigel jokingly replied.

Nice try, Barker. You’re talking to a guy who has spent half of his career being chased down by screaming fangirls!