Style stalker: 9 times Christina Bright was our favorite natural hair chameleon

If you aren’t already familiar with influential inner beauty blogger, ChristinaChrisMiss Bright, then prepare for your obsession to begin. The 27-year-old Newark native is a firm believer of doing things that truly make her happy and refusing to allow fear to control the decisions she makes.

When it comes to styling her natural hair, Christina is always down to experiment. From wearing protective styles like braids to rocking a fun full wig, switching up her look comes as easy as walking for Christina.

This list highlights nine times this fashionable free-spirited blogger proved to be a natural hair chameleon. So, if you’re looking to switch things up for the summer, you’re bound to find inspiration below.

1. Classic chic

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2. A short cut that will instantly have you feelin’ yourself

Short hair will change your life…I promise. ????✂️#thecutlife

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3. Marley twists for the win

Because this is my momma's favorite picture. #OnMyThrone #BroadNMarket #????N ???? : @dwoodsonphotography

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4. We’ve “Fallin'” in love with these Alicia Keys-inspired braids

5. Can you ever go wrong with thick cornrows?

6. Voluminous curls + a wide hat = FABULOUSNESS

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7. A fierce bob will grab the attention of any room

Yonce' awl 'awn his mouth like lik-ahhh ????#50shadesofChris ????

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8. Did we mention she can style scarves and head wraps like a boss?

There's this idea that I once subscribed to that said …"if 'bad' things happened in your life it means that you've invited's a punishment for something you must've said or done". That thinking got me nowhere. It scared me. It made me feel that life was about right and wrong and I was always in a position where I had to decide between door one and door two. Stressful, actually. It invited a lot of doubt. A lot of second guessing. I realized that everything is about your intention. You might not always make the right choice but when your intention is good …whatever you get in return will lend itself to building you up. Sometimes that building requires that you be broken down first. Things happen ..period. That's life. Every single second of every single day…something has to. We have a choice. We get to decide how we… _____________________ Read more at ???? #theinnerbeautyblog #linkinbio

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9. Wigs not only protect, they SLAY