This is the most popular ice cream flavor in New Jersey (according to Twitter)

Temperatures Soar To Highest Of The YearPhoto by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? If you said mint chocolate, you’re in good company: it was the most commonly Tweeted favorite flavor of New Jersey residents (after vanilla and chocolate) from March 1 – May 18, though coffee and cookie dough were overall winners. Delaware and Maine residents also raved about mint chocolate.

favorite-ice-cream-flavors-Twittervia TODAY Food

July is National Ice Cream Month, but now that the weather is warming up, any day is a great day to enjoy a cone or cup, soft serve or hard. Want to know where to find creamy sweetness all over the state? Check out’s Munchmobile ice cream shop recommendations, such as Magnifico’s Ice Cream in East Brunswick, where you can get fun mixes of flavors like their Oreo and chocolate chip mint cone pictured below.