Bravo’s Andy Cohen becomes a fashion ‘don’t’ in this mint green suit

Andy-Cohen-pastel-suit-fashion-faux-pasAndrew Toth/Getty Images

Bravo talk show host Andy Cohen may be strong enough to successfully mediate some of the most epic Real Housewives of New Jersey fights, but a recent fashion blunder left him feeling beaten down.

After failing to read the invitation to the 2016 Parsons Benefit closely enough, the Watch What Happens: Live star accidentally showed up to host the black-tie event in a mint green suit.

While guest co-hosting LIVE With Kelly recently, Andy revealed that this wasn’t the first time he’s arrived underdressed. The usually impeccably-styled producer and actor once pulled a Justin Timberlake circa 2001 and wore a denim suit to a black tie event.

“I was very embarrassed all night,” said Andy.

Andy Cohen stuck out like a (pastel) sore thumb at the 2016 Parsons Benefit. Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Andy Cohen stuck out like a (pastel) sore thumb at the 2016 Parsons Benefit.

GQ took Andy’s faux pas as an opportunity to teach its readers how to avoid the “common summer style mistake.”

To add insult to injury, Andy’s mother sent him an email to criticize his look.

“Seriously Andy, maybe you should see someone about that right eye,” Evelyn Cohen wrote. “I don’t mean the wonkiness part, but you half-close it all of the time and seems to be getting more pronounced.”

Although Andy has made the same mistake twice in two years, he’s still not willing to begin reading the invitations to events he’ll be hosting. Luckily, New Jersey native Kelly Ripa offered to help him out.

As for the now-infamous mint suit?

“I think I may have to burn it,” said Andy.