JWoww has the secret to making sure your high heels don’t hurt!

jenni-jwoww-farley-high-heelsPhotos: Getty Images

We’ve all been there: we buy a gorgeous pair of heels that look amazing, but an hour wearing them and we’re aching to slip into something more comfortable (who are we kidding, sometimes it’s just 15 minutes!). In a post on Miss Domesticated, reality TV star Jenni “JWoww” Farley‘s site aimed at millennial moms, they’ve got a tip that just may keep you strutting in your beloved six-inch heels all day. And all you need is a very common household item: Scotch tape!

They want you to tape your third and fourth toes together, and voila! “By wrapping these toes together, you minimize the strain on a nerve between them. That nerve is responsible for that nasty pain on the ball of your foot.”

Of course Jersey mom and high heel lover Jenni doesn’t want to be the one at the party swapping out her Christian Louboutins for sneakers, and now, you don’t have to be either!