Nick Jonas keeps getting ghosted on Instagram

Apparently, it does not go down in Nick Jonas' DMs. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Apparently, it does not go down in Nick Jonas’s DMs.

This is not so much an article about Nick Jonas as it is a public service announcement urging all women to check their Instagram direct message requests immediately. Apparently, the Freehold-raised singer keeps sliding into everyone’s DMs and getting ignored!

Nick, 23, told The Sunday Times that he loves to (attempt to) spark up conversations with women on Instagram, but that he isn’t always successful.

“A lot of [the time I get] no responses actually,” Nick revealed. “I imagine an attractive girl gets direct messages all the time, so it’s kind of played out.”

We’re having a hard time believing that the man who literally dated Miss Universe can’t even get a response on Instagram.

Well, Nick. If you’re reading this, please feel free to slide into our DMs whenever you’d like. We promise to respond.