Aubrey O’Day doesn’t really care that she’s less famous than ‘Jersey Shore’ boyfriend Pauly D

Aubrey-O'Day-Less-Famous-Pauly-DEthan Miller/Getty Images

Former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day is less famous than her boyfriend, Jersey Shore star Pauly D, but it totally doesn’t bother her.

In an interview with E! News, Aubrey shared that perhaps the only benefit of dating as a celebrity is getting quick restaurant reservations. When Aubrey has trouble getting a table, she sends her DJ boyfriend over to flirt with the host.

“He’ll walk up and they’ll be like, ‘Pauly?! Oh my God, hold on, we’ll have a table in five seconds!’” said the 32-year-old.

Although impressive, Pauly D’s ability to cut wait times serves a reminder that Aubrey isn’t as big of a star.

“I’m like ‘damn, I’m not as much of a celebrity, this is bulls—t!” joked Aubrey.

Although the pair has broken up before, their differing levels of fame weren’t the reason they needed some time to work things out.

Aubrey did mention that being the “more famous” person in her last relationship caused problems because of her ex-boyfriend’s insecurities. Think she’s talking about former American Idol contestant, Travis Garland?

The singer believes that a relationship where the man is more famous is more likely to be successful because “a man needs to feel like a man.”

“Pauly is so different from anything I’ve ever experienced,” Aubrey said in a previous interview with E! News. “He really is his own authentic self, and it’s so much deeper than anyone ever has seen on any of the shows that he’s done or the persona of him in public.”

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We’re so glad to see that Aubrey and Pauly D are happy together!