Want the best summer booty? Katrina Bowden wants to perfect your squat

Tadashi Shoji - Front Row - Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week: The Shows Actress Katrina Bowden attends the Tadashi Shoji fashion show during Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week at The Dock, Skylight at Moynihan Station on September 10, 2015 in New York City.

Let’s face it, when it comes to beauty in 2016 girls are obsessed with BBC (butts, brows and contouring.) If you’re looking to get beach body ready for the summer then Katrina Fit Kat Bowden just might be able to show you how. The 27-year-old Wyckoff native is ready to show both men and women the proper way to squat in order to get a beautiful booty.

Squats are the easiest way to shape your butt, but Katrina has noticed many people don’t do them correctly. In her latest blog post, the actress breaks down how to properly use the technique, proving you can use it the next time you’re at the gym or even bending down to tie your shoe.

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Quick ways to perfect your squat

1. When you squat, your feet should be about shoulder width apart, toes slightly turned out.
2. Your butt should push back and down and your chest should stay lifted.
3. Your knees should stay in line with your toes and never buckle inwards towards each other.
4. And most importantly, you need to GET LOW. Ass to the grass. This means your booty should hit below parallel with your thigh, never above parallel.

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