Just when you thought their vaca couldn’t get any better, DJ Envy, Gia Casey and kids head to the Maldives

D'USSE VIP Riser + Lounge At On The Run Tour - MetLife StadiumPhoto by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for D'USSE

Our obsession with DJ Envy and Gia Casey‘s family trip continues with every new location, because how could it not? First they flew in luxurious first class style to Dubai, then toured the sites there along with Abu Dhabi, including Ferrari World. And now they’re off to a private villa in the Maldives in matching outfits! Since their four kids don’t know yet where they’re headed, we can only imagine their surprise as their glorious trip continues on with even more grandeur.

We love Jersey, of course, but we can’t help but admit to being more than a little envious of every part of their ongoing vacation, from the beautiful sights to the way they make traveling as a family of six look so calm and blissful. Here’s the latest from their family trip/babymoon (the Kinnelon-based couple is expecting another baby girl to add to their brood).

The couple, dressed in appropriately respectful garb, visited Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. In a video post on Instagram, DJ Envy said that it was more than worth braving the 110 degree heat to appreciate the mosque’s beauty and history. The majestic building is large enough to hold 40,000 people and has 82 domes, according to its website, certainly a momentous place for them to visit on this special trip.

Before that, during their visit to Ferrari World, Gia and daughter London shared a special moment.