YouTube star Grace Helbig: how to deal with a bad roommate

2016 Billboard Music Awards - ArrivalsPhoto by David Becker/Getty Images

We’ve all been there: a roommate seems fabulous when they first move in, but a few months later you’re plotting how you can move out or kick them out! Maybe they’re messy or loud or pay the rent late…Well, popular YouTube star Grace Helbig, who grew up in Woobury, recently interviewed fellow blogger Gabrielle Hanna, better known as The Gabbie Show, to share with her 2.9 million followers exactly how to handle one of those roommates who overstays their welcome. One tip from Helbig: “I think a key to having roommates is to have low expectations.” Right?

The two also share some ridiculous drunk eating stories that should be cautionary tales (note: do not follow Helbig’s example and eat a can of black beans while drunk!). You’ll also get some suggestions on how to make new friends; Helbig met lots of pals in New York by doing improv classes. Clearly, the comedic author of books including Grace’s Guide and Grace & Style learned how to not take herself too seriously, because she’s now able to joke about failing a Saturday Night Live audition by doing her “best Jersey Girl impression.”

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