‘Jersey Girl’ style: How a Garden State fashion blogger defines her style

Jen Jeffery, New Jersey fashion blogger and creator of House Of Jeffers, defines her Jersey girl style.
By default, if you are a woman born and raised in New Jersey, the label “Jersey girl” is yours. Whether you view the moniker as a positive or negative is open to interpretation. But, just like a Jersey girl would — you define your own Jersey girl style however you want.

Style in the Garden State has come a long way. There isn’t one look that defines what it means to be a woman living in New Jersey. Living so close to New York, I find that women from New Jersey are often pressured to measure up to the fashion mecca we live next to. Although the Big Apple is a source of inspiration, I think New Jersey has a different cadence that sets the tone for a diverse fashion field that is just as expansive as New York.

Yet, Jersey girl style doesn’t have to be defined by one look. I’m multi-faceted with my style aesthetic, and I think many women would describe themselves in the same way. After all, Jersey girls are different ages… and we’ve all grown with the times and changing trends. So if that’s what makes me a Jersey girl, I’m cool with it. Just don’t ask me if it’s called gravy or sauce…