Update: Fetty Wap’s high school principal might be the one in trouble

Fetty-Wap-music-video-scandal Jamie McCarthy/Getty Image

Remember when we joked that Paterson nativeĀ Fetty Wap was getting sent to the principal’s office for filming a music video with strippers and drugs at his high school?

Well, looks like he might be in the clear. Sitting in an empty principal’s office isn’t much punishment.

Eastside High School’s principal, Zatiti Moody, has been placed on paid administrative leave while the investigation surrounding the music video moves forward, according to News 12 New Jersey.

Despite the controversy, Eastside High School students continue to be inspired by Fetty Wap, who urges Paterson kids to “define your own path and celebrate life everyday.”

“I honestly think it inspired us as students to keep going forward,” says senior Steven Grimaldos told News 12. “Even though he’s a dropout, it still inspires us to be who we actually want to become.”