In honor of the Juicy tracksuit revival: Ashley Tisdale’s 10 most iconic early 2000’s looks

The Incredibles Film PremiereFrederick M. Brown/Getty Images file

The early 2000s were one of the most magical times for fashion. Couldn’t decide between flared jeans or a skirt? Rock them both. Not sure how many tank tops to wear? Layer literally as many as physically possible. Going to a party, but don’t want your feet to hurt while you’re dancing? Flip flop wedges to the rescue!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for your favorite early 2000s styles to come back. (And probably getting a lot of comments like “That was only ten years ago…” from the naysayers.)

Well, the time is here. The best, most ridiculous, decade of fashion has returned! WWD has reported that Juicy Couture will be working with Bloomingdales to release a new collection of velour track suits called #TrackisBack!

In celebration of the return of low-rise jeans and baby graphic tees, here are some of Jersey girl Ashley Tisdale‘s most iconic red carpet looks from the early 2000s.

1. Tomboy chic                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The early 2000s were all about matching every single aspect of your outfit and our favorite High School Musical star was a color-coordinating queen. Seriously, the ribbon on her boots matches the stitching on her jacket and the reflective colors in her slouchy sequin bag (which were an absolute staple in 2004. I had a lime green one and a brown one, and I brought them everywhere).

Ashley-Tisdale-Early-2000s-fashionFrederick M. Brown/Getty Images files

2. A hint of Coach                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Look me in the eye and tell me you never asked for a Coach bag for Christmas between the years of 2000 and 2008. You can’t.

Ashley-Tisdale-Coach-BagGetty Images file

3. Business casual and fishnets 

Another popular trend from the first few years of the millennium was pairing business-y clothes (such as trousers, blazers and vests) with fishnets or exposed lingerie. Ashley was a Disney star, so she kept the look appropriate with a turtleneck. (Honestly, Ashley does not get enough credit for being one of the few Disney stars to maintain such an awesome reputation.)

Ashley-Tisdale-early-2000s Mark Mainz/Getty Images

4. Leggings and kitten heels

You probably still wear leggings on an almost-daily basis in 2016, but they’re definitely not as fun as the cropped, white leggings you used to rock in ’06. With kitten heels and a chunky belt over a dress/shirt hybrid, you had the perfect outfit for a Jonas Brothers concert.

Ashley-Tisdale-Kitten-HeelsFrazer Harrison/Getty Images

5. Stretchy sequin belts

There was no such thing as over-accessorizing in the early 2000s. Seven necklaces, a pocket chain, eight rings and a sequin belt strategically placed around your midsection was a casual look.

Premiere Of Disney's "Herbie: Fully Loaded" - ArrivalsMark Mainz/Getty Images

6. Shrug sweaters and ra-ra skirts 

Ra-ra skirts were originally an 80s trend, but the 2000s girls made them even cooler. With knee-high boots, a tank top and a shrug you always felt confident enough to score a hottie like Zac Efron. (PS, nice True Religions, Zac.)

Ashley-Tisdale-Zac-Efron-HSMPaul Hawthorne/Getty Images file

7. Skirts and gauchos 

The solution to avoiding having your parents tell you that your skirt is too short for the school dance? Throw some gauchos on underneath. Duh.

Harold and Kumar go to White CastleFrazer Harrison/Getty Images file

8. Camisoles over long-sleeve tops 

The more layers, the better! I’m pretty sure the Princess Diaries 2 premiere was themed, but anything went during this very special time in fashion. If you wanted to wear a feather boa and poodle slippers to an event, you probably could.

"The Princess Diaries 2" DVD Pajama Ball - ArrivalsAmanda Edwards/Getty Images file

9. Multicolored Louis Vuitton bags

If you didn’t have a real multicolored Louis (let’s face it, you definitely didn’t), you probably had a fake one. Lucky Ashley had the bag in black and white!

Ashley-Tisdale-Multicolored-LouisGetty Images files

10. Tiny dogs as accessories

Perhaps the only accessory you had a harder time convincing your parents to buy for you than a designer bag was a toy-sized dog. Chihuahuas and Pomeranians were just as well-dressed as we were!

World Premiere Of Disney Channel's "High School Musical 2"Charley Gallay/Getty Images file

What are your thoughts on the revival of early 2000s trends? Will you be running to Bloomingdales for a tracksuit or are you over it?