Where are the best Jersey Shore donuts?

Teaching the girls about IG foodie photography #???? #LBI #crustandcrumb @crustcrumbbakery #people_of_lbi

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Everyone has a place – a place for food, drinks, shopping, stargazing, you name it. Our place for donuts during the summer is Crust & Crumb Bakery in Beach Haven. When we go to LBI on the weekends to stay at my in-law’s house, we are there every.single.morning so the girls and the grandparents can get their usuals. My eldest keeps it pretty simple with glazed (she’s not a big sweets kid) and my 2 younger ones get sprinkles (that would be my choice!). Crust & Crumb is legendary on Long Beach Island – It’s an institution for the Beach Haven/Bay Village regulars. It also happens to be right next door to MY favorite place – Cool Beans Cafe.

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