Meet Greyson and Ethan Dolan, the twins who will literally take your breath away

Ethan-Dolan-Grayson-Dolan-Twins-hospitalizationsMike Windle/Getty Images

YouTube stars Ethan and Grayson Dolan, aka The Dolan Twins, began their national 4OU tour in Freehold on June 4. According to the Asbury Park Press, approximately 20 teens were injured at the event.

The 16-year-old Long Valley natives have reached internet-stardom (1,788,853 and counting YouTube subscribers) for their funny videos, which mostly consist of pranks. Tour events include live performances, meet-and-greets and VIP after-parties for fans.

When Ethan and Grayson walked on stage, 14-year-old fan Piper Scheiffele told the Asbury Park Press that “everyone started trampling each other.”

Seven fans were taken to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune to be treated for panic attacks, shortness of breath and anxiety, reported 

So, who exactly are the twin heartthrobs causing teen girls to literally stop breathing? And how can you tell them apart?

When they’re not dressed exactly the same to prank innocent bystanders for a videoGrayson can be spotted by his highlighted hair and Ethan can be identified by his freckle-free chin. Grayson has more Twitter followers, but Ethan has his brother beat on Instagram. (Do you think they fight about that?)

During the Freehold show, both brothers sent out messages to fans urging them to calm down (which, we would guess, just sent them into further frenzy).

Watch below as the boys try to determine what “girl products” do. Sure, some of their guesses were a bit off, but using hair rollers to stabilize fingers while painting nails is actually kind of genius.