‘The Dress’ debate is back: is this painting of Anne Hathaway or Penelope Cruz?

Anne-Hathaway-Penelope-Cruz-debateDimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images, Jason Merritt/Getty Images

First there was “the dress.” Was it black and blue or white and gold? Then there was “the jacket,” which was either blue and white, gold and green or black and brown. Now, we have “the painting.” Is it Penelope Cruz or Anne Hathaway?

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni found the painting in an Airbnb apartment in Rome. Rather than asking the owners of the apartment who the muse of the painting was, he set the internet into a frenzy (as you would).

We’re pretty sure the painting was inspired by Anne (and not just because she’s from Millburn). After what must have been some intense Googling, one Twitter user settled the debate for good:

What was your initial thought? Penelope or Anne?