15 tweets that will make you want to marry Charlie Puth

Charlie-Puth-Selfie-TwitterDonald Bowers/Getty Images

I’ll admit it. I’m obsessed with Charlie Puth (and his Twitter).

After the Rumson native sent out a cryptic tweet about singing with Elmo, I decided to take a scroll through his Twitter page. Spoiler alert: It’s a total goldmine.

Charlie totally understands that his tweets can be a bit confusing, but it’s just because his thoughts are a bit random.

Here are 15 times Charlie Puth’s Twitter was absolute greatness:

1. There is a screaming peacock outside my hotel room and it’s oddly comforting.
Picturing Charlie laying in a hotel bed appreciating the whimsical screams of a peacock is also oddly comforting.

2. I want chicken fingers.
Do you think he’s a honey mustard or a BBQ kinda guy?

3. Too much Ice Cream is a sentence I don’t usually say. 
Me neither.

4. The finest girl gave me a hug earlier.

5. We don’t talk anymore. seriously…
Oh my gosh if this is about the finest girl ever, then this is the shortest, saddest love story of our generation.

6. About to kiss a dolphin. 
I’ll save you some trouble. There is not a photo of Charlie Puth kissing a dolphin on the internet.

7. Stretching is important.
This is true.

8. I did Pilates with my mom today and my whole body is sore.
Okay, well he obviously forgot how important stretching is. Also Charlie doing pilates with his mom is the cutest thing I’ve ever imagined since I thought about Charlie kissing a dolphin about 30 seconds ago.

9. Let’s do the things we say on text
Are you blushing? Because I’m blushing.

10. The creepy side-eye emoji
He tweeted this on April Fool’s Day and now I need to know why.

11. Whoever is going through something emotional in a relationship right now… tweet me so I can write a song about it. 
Yes, I actually am going through something emotional. I’m in love with someone who does not know I exist. (Insert creepy side-eye emoji here, too.)

12. @zaynmalik is the man. 
Not sure about you, but it’s very important to me that my celebrity crushes also crush on my other celebrity crushes.

13. Look at my lil pup.

14. Britney Spears is dope. 
Please refer to number 12.

15. Oh man this is groovy.
Again, a cryptic tweet I need to know more about.

Conclusion: I have realized that I think I want to marry Charlie Puth. (I mean, he tweets about being single all of the time. I think I may have a chance.)