Watch: Chris Manzo tells us mom Caroline Manzo broke a bone in her foot!

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Ever since Manzo’d With Children star Caroline Manzo posted photos on Instagram, that has her walking with crutches, and using a boot and scooter to get around at home, fans have been worried about the reality star, and speculating what may have happened. While chatting with her son Chris Manzo about his new children’s book, Oliver Brightside:You Don’t Want That Penny, he gave me the scoop on his mom’s injury (trust me, it sounds much worse than it is). Watch below, or read on to find out what happened.

Chris tells me Caroline broke a bone in her foot while the family was vacationing in California. He says, “When we were in California we noticed there was like a little golf ball in her foot.  We were in San Francisco so we were walking around uphill, downhill. We just thought she just bruised it. Even when we got home she was walking around the yard and it just wouldn’t go down.”

The new author says his mom went to the doctor, and discovered that her bone had died,  but is quick to add, ” it sounded much more morbid than it actually is.” Phew, thats good to hear!

Caroline has to wear a huge boot for two months, but Chris says she’s having fun with it, “she rides around on a little scooter. It’s awesome. We’re a very fun family with stuff like that, so she knows its like a big joke right now.”

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We wish you a speedy recovery Caroline!