Ice-T, Coco and baby Chanel have left New Jersey for a month in Arizona

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Remember last week when Coco was packing up her shoe closet and baby Chanel Nicole‘s adorable outfits for a big trip? Well, the family, including rapper Ice-T, have now left their Edgewater, New Jersey home and are in Arizona for a month so Ice-T can record a new Body Count album, and perform June 17 in Tempe.

Baby Chanel is only six months old and has already surely racked up more frequent flyer miles than many adults do in a year! Where’s she been so far? For one, St. Barts, where she wore colorful bathing suits and did what I consider one of the best parts of vacation: napping.

Just Chillaxin in the Carribean…. Feelin real Fly… Mom says I get it from my Daddy.

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Today is our last day of vacation.. Who got our mystery destination correct? Its been incredible Suit by @the_leotard_shop

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Chanel also visited Indianapolis when Ice-T and Coco attended the Indy 500 and hung out with Lady Gaga.

If her parents are so inclined, we’d love to see more too-adorable-for-words photo shoots like this one while they’re away from home.

Mom catching me off guard while in my photoshoot

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She’s also joined her papa in the studio before when she met Q-Tip, and we hope she gets to again!

Hangin with my homeboy, QTip, in the studio!

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