‘Jersey Shore’ star Deena Cortese’s father passes away at 67

Deena-Cortese-Father-passes-awayAngela Weiss/Getty Images for Star Magazine

After losing her father John to a long health battle, Jersey Shore star Deena Cortese has taken to social media to share sweet memories in honor of her dad.

Last night I lost the first man I ever loved my biggest supporter and best friend .. My dad was one of the toughest people I know and had such a big sense of pride and fought until the very very end and I couldn't be more proud of him.. Everyone that knows my dad knows what an amazing person he was.. I think I'm gonna miss his facial expressions and laugh the most .. If he liked you ..you knew he was going to bust your balls but it was all out of love ???? everywhere my dad went he left prints on people's hearts .. Whether it was in the hospital while he was sick .. Or on vacation. We'd leave him for a couple minutes and we come back and he's surrounded by people making everyone laugh.. I can't tell you how many times I'd go out and people would tell me how awesome my dad was. I was so lucky to have someone in my life that loved to be involved with every little thing I did.. He coached my softball teams for years and even if we lost he still let us get icecream at Tooties ???? we went to baseball games .. Concerts .. Family vacations and when I was little and was a bit of a tom boy we would watch WCW wrestling every Monday and it was one of my favorite things ever. Even during my rougher days in my early 20s when I gave both my parents a good run for their money he never gave up on me and still stood by my side .. Some days not very happy with me but we got through it and made things better. During Jersey Shore he was literally my BIGGEST fan..he told me Dee be you make us laugh..do what you gotta do its all about camera time! Lol he got it. He tried to be so involved with as much as he could with that.. Helping me with my websites..making tshirts and anything and everything he could do he did. My heart hurts knowing he won't walk me down the aisle or see my kids grow up Although I do know he will be with me spiritually, But I'm very happy he got to meet the man I will one day marry and his amazing family .. And he helped me with my new home that I will one day raise my children in. I love you so much dad .. I know your at peace now and with grandma and having drinks with Mals dad and all the rest of the friends you've lost on this journey.. I love you daddy

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Deena recalled that her father was always extremely supportive. “During Jersey Shore, he was literally my BIGGEST fan,” the star wrote.

Despite “feeling empty,” the New Egypt native tweeted a funny photo of the father-daughter duo to remember his sense of humor.

We’re sending lots of love Deena’s way!