Millburn’s Bungalow boutique is every minimalistic girl’s paradise

bungalow-millburn-7Kelly Dillon/OMJ

If you are looking for beautiful, easy separates in soft, muted colors, that won’t break that bank, then Bungalow is your new go-to spot. This popular, contemporary women’s clothing boutique, has been a Millburn staple for 7 years now.  I stopped by to get a look inside this minimalisict-chic paradise, and chat with owner Eve Golden about her exciting, new ventures.

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When I first stepped inside Bungalow, I couldn’t help but notice how beautifully muted it was. There were no loud, harsh colors, everything was soft, delicate, and calming. It all has to do with Eve’s style philosophy. She says, “I’m a very season-less person. I hate being dictated by the temperature. I like to have pieces that don’t scream summer. I like pieces that you can carry through season to season.”

The store offers a nice variety of separates, perfect for any busy women’s lifestyle, from dropping the kids off at school, to working out with girlfriends, to having a romantic date night with the hubby or boyfriend. Eve tells me, “We do a lot of separates. Easy tops for daytime, in soft, flowy fabrics, denim, easy pants, and leggings. For evening, it’s more silky tops that women can pair back to their skinny jeans, and the dressed up jogger. That’s in right now.”

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In addition to clothing, Bungalow carries a wide range of jewelry, from delicate pieces you can layer and use with your existing items at home, to chokers that frame your neckline, and long pieces that have some texture. For those looking for a little color, you’ll find it in their accessories. Eve says, “We do a lot of color in the accessories, like in the jewelry. That can brighten up an outfit that’s in a muted color palette.”

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Eve has been in the fashion industry for many years, previously spending time as an editor, writer, and  stylist. She tells me she was caught up in the corporate world for 15 years, and one day decided she needed a change, so she ventured into the world of retail. She says, “It was an overnight thing, even though it was always in my head to do this. It just kind of hit me. I get these creative blasts in my life ever so often, which is probably where I am right now with opening the new store.”

That new store she is referring to is Scout, which Eve will be opening up just next door, later this month. Scout will be in the same aesthetic as Bungalow, but will be aimed at the teenage market, and with a sharper price point. Eve tells me, “All the moms are shopping at Bungalow, and they are bringing their teenage daughters. The girls want to obtain this type of style, but sometimes the price point isn’t unattainable. I want to make a separate haven for them, that’s their place, and they’re not shopping at their mom’s place, and mom isn’t shopping at their place.”

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Looking toward the future, Eve would like to offer more services at Bungalow, like personal styling and closet rehab, and she hopes to one day open up more locations. She says, “We are in a growth period right now, and it’s a really exciting time.”

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You can visit Bungalow at 353 Millburn Ave in Millburn.