No, Prince Harry isn’t dating the daughter of Bruce Springsteen’s bassist (but they do look cute together)


Here’s a social media lesson: if you ever meet Prince Harry, don’t joke around that you’re dating him, or the world will believe you! That’s what Olivia Tallent, whose father, Garry Tallent, is the bassist for Bruce Springsteen‘s E Street Band, learned when she did just that. As People reports, the 19-year-old’s Instagram post below from backstage at the band’s Sunday night Wembley Stadium show featuring her and the redheaded prince was originally captioned “Princess Olivia has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?” She even posted it on Twitter with the words “new boyfriend,” but that one’s been removed. In the modern age, this is exactly how rumors get started (though maybe some of us would love it if people thought we were dating a member of the royal family!).


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So many people took Olivia’s joking seriously she had to issue a denial on Twitter.

Clearly, though, Olivia has a sense of humor, judging by this caption on a photo of her and The Boss.

the paparazzi caught our "resting bitch faces"…????

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