10 reasons why we can’t wait for Martha Stewart to be back on TV

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If you’ve been pining for your favorite hostess with the mostess, Martha Stewart, to return to your TV screen, you’re in luck. She’s coming back, and not just to appear on The $100,000 Pyramid. Page Six reports that Stewart, who was born in Nutley, will be turning her website American Made into a TV show for Amazon Prime, where she’ll travel the country and highlight small businesses as she helps them gear up for the big time.

In honor of that exciting news, here are 10 reasons I adore Martha and can’t wait to watch her new show.

1. Let’s start with the fact that she seems like she can pretty much do anything. Martha just seems like she’s capable of conquering any fields she sets her mind to, from cookbooks to magazines to TV. Yes, I know her original TV show went off the air and she went to prison, but she managed to make a comeback and still exhibit the same kind of homemaking mixed with a little touch of sass we’ve come to love her for without seeming the least bit bitter. Plus did you know she started out as a fashion model? Her black and white photos are stunning. So yes, I have faith that whatever Martha’s next venture, it’s going to have her own unique spin and be pretty awesome (plus I’m all for supporting small businesses).

2. She’s not modest. Personally, I hate it when people can’t take a compliment and just deflect any praise they’re offered. Martha, on the other hand, has no problem letting us know she basks in our adoration, as this Tweet perfectly illustrates.

3. Going along with that, she is open to mixing up her image. One day, she’s cooking a perfect meal that is the stuff Pinterest dreams are made of, the next she’s showing off her stripper pole moves.

4. She’s mastered the double entendre, as she demonstrates in this cooking clip with Robin Williams.

5. She somehow managed to look elegant even while doing the ice bucket challenge.

6. She rapped about…baking soda. I challenge you to find someone else who can (or would want to) do that!

7. She told Andy Cohen “of course I know how to roll a joint,” her tone practically offended that he’d asked. No, this moment didn’t happen on TV (it was live!), but it’s too priceless not to share. This is after she plays shag, marry, kill.

8. She’s hilarious! Check out some of her funniest moments, including her getting Lindsay Lohan to cook and talking about dating younger men with Fran Drescher.

9. She made brownies, and plenty of references to the color “green,” with Snoop Dogg (who will also appear on The $100,000 Pyramid).

And they’re still pals.

10. Here’s where I’ll get personal: Once upon a time, I co-edited a cupcake blog, and I appeared on The Martha Stewart Show and got to eat a coconut cupcake! (Of course it was delicious.) It happened so long ago I almost feel like I made it up, and while I can’t seem to find video from the episode online, here’s proof (I’m the one on the left):

cupcakes-take-cake-blog-rachel-kramer-bussel-martha-stewartvia Rachel Kramer Bussel