Dessert time: nominate your favorite New Jersey ice cream shop!


Who makes the best ice cream in New Jersey? Although the options seem endless, we’re sure you have a favorite place to get a cone, cup or maybe even a banana split. wants to know who’s got the very best, and what makes them so special! Head over there and leave a comment with your pick for the best Garden State ice cream; your opinions will be used by the judges to pick this prestigious, not to mention delicious, honor. Nominations will be accepted through Monday, June 13, at 11:59 p.m. On June 15, you’ll be able to vote for your faovorite, before they’re winnowed down to 40 semi-finalists. Food writer Peter Genovese and a team of assistant judges will then be touring the 10 finalists aboard the Munchmobile (lucky them!) to select the winner, and will share videos and photos along the way.