This Meryl Streep food Instagram account is the coolest thing on the internet

Meryl-Streep-cool-InstagramChris Jackson/Getty Images file

I still can’t get enough of Meryl Streep‘s Donald Trump impersonation. It’s just too good. In a search for more wonderful Meryl things, I came across an Instagram account called Taste of Streep that features the Summit native in the greatest food photos of all time. Enjoy.

Meryl (dressed as Donald) camouflaging in with some oranges.

Meryl chilling on a piece of avocado toast like it’s a magic carpet.

Meryl lounging in a Lunchable.

Meryl with chicken tenders instead of legs. (Brilliantly captioned “CHICKEN STREEPS.”)

Meryl snuggled up inside of an Uncrustable.

Meryl on the frosting of a Pop Tart.

Meryl fabulously coordinating with some delicious zebra cakes.