NJ beauty blogger Carli Bybel let her boyfriend do her makeup

Carli-Bybel-boyfriend-makeup-videoMike Coppola/Getty Images file

Apparently Carli Bybel’s boyfriend doesn’t watch her YouTube videos.

The Morganville makeup expert let her boyfriend, fitness vlogger Brett Capdo her makeup and it was as hilarious as it was horrifying.

The couple made a similar video in 2013, but Carli decided it was time to give Brett a chance to redeem himself. As we’re sure most boyfriends would, Brett tried to get out if it by telling Carli how beautiful she is without makeup. A for effort.

Although the end result was pretty terrible, Brett proved that he is probably more skilled than most boyfriends. (He does think that winged eyeliner is called wing tips and that “changing highlights” is a part of Carli’s makeup routine, but it was a solid attempt overall.)

Best line of the video? When Brett tells Carli that he’s “Kat Von Done.” Watch the hilarious video below: