Ashley Tisdale isn’t returning for ‘High School Musical 4’ for the best reason

Kevin Winter/Getty Images file

When we first heard that Ashley Tisdale would not be returning for High School Musical, we were heartbroken. It’s tough to imagine the Wildcat crew without the fabulous Sharpay Evans. (There’s just really no such thing as too much Sharpay.)


However, after hearing the Jersey girl’s reasoning for skipping out on the newest movie, we totally understand her decision.

“Looking back, it was such a perfect thing for its time and was so pure that I just don’t know how you go from there,” Ashley told NEW YOU.  “High School Musical didn’t make us, we made High School Musical because of our friendship, how close we were, and the magic there at the time.”

If Ashley’s decision was made in the name of preserving the magic of HSM, we’re 100% okay with it.