Bobby Cannavale says he never gets offered “white guy” roles

Actor Bobby Cannavale attends the New York premiere of "Vinyl" at Ziegfeld Theatre on January 15, 2016 in New York City. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Union City-born Bobby Cannavale joined fellow actors Forest Whitaker (Roots), Paul Giamatti (Billions), Cuba Gooding Jr. (American Crime Story: The People v. O. J. Simpson), Rami Malek (Mr. Robot) and Wagner Moura (Narcos) for The Hollywood Reporter‘s Drama Actor Roundtable. The 46-year-old Vinyl star spoke out about an unforgettable embarrassing audition and being typecast in Hollywood.

On his wildest or worst audition:
“I had an audition for that movie Starship Troopers, and there was no script. They were like, “It’s just going to be improv.” What I had to do was react to a big bug and scream, “Buuuuug!” I did it, and they were like: “Uh, OK. Thanks.” I could hear the sigh. And I remember not wanting to leave the room, just going, “I could do it better; I could do it better.” I refused to leave and just kept doing it over and over again: “Bug! Bug! Bug!” I didn’t get it.”

On roles he never gets offered:
“White guys. (Laughter.) Cowboys. I’m always getting the ethnic roles of some kind, like a mob guy or an Italian-American pizza guy or some shit like that. I never get, like, doctors.”