What’s black, white, and red all over? DKNY’s Spring 2016 collection (we are obsessed)

dkny-fashion-show-bloomingdales-13Kelly Dillon/OMJ

DKNY’s Spring 2016 collection marks a new beginning for the universally loved line. Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, the popular pair behind the brand Public School, took over the DKNY reins, after founder Donna Karan stepped down from her namesake label last year, to focus on her humanitarian work. I stopped by Bloomingdales at The Shops at Riverside in Hackensack to get an exclusive look at DKNY’s latest offerings, under this new creative vision, and let me tell you, Donna should be proud.

This collection honors simplicity, structure, and proportion, with construction and tailoring taking center stage. The three color palette (black, white, and red) celebrates the minimalist, yet classically elegant look of the modern uniform. Dao-Yi and Maxwell paid tribute to the brand’s most iconic look, the early 90’s pinstriped power suit. Their take on it, doesn’t actually involve a suit, but rather, broad-shouldered blazers, sarong skirts, and tunic dresses, all in beautiful pinstripe prints.

The NYC natives blurred the lines between aspiration and practicality in this collection, with layered tank dresses with unique hems, comfortable, yet chic jogger pants, breezy cotton button downs with cold-shoulders, and elegant dresses, in easy fabrics, that can easily be worn up or down.

This season’s motto is, “a girl is not defined by what she’s done, but by what she’s about to do,” and this collection completely epitomizes this through its easy and efficient, yet playful styles. Scroll through to see some of my favorite pieces from the show, and get ready to make some room in that closet!

dkny-fashion-show-bloomingdales-27Kelly Dillon/OMJ
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