Watch: Melissa Gorga gives me a tour of her Montclair boutique Envy

OMJ's Kelly Dillon with Melissa GorgaKelly Dillon/OMJ

OMJ’s Kelly Dillon with Melissa Gorga

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga’s new Montclair clothing boutique, Envy by Melissa Gorga, is going to be your new obsession, that is, if it’s not already. Melissa opened up shop only 6 months ago, a week before Christmas to be exact, and Envy is already becoming every NJ fashionista’s go-to spot. They carry a vast array of designer pieces, which are truly indicative of their motto, “buy now – wear now.” I stopped by Envy to do a little shopping (I couldn’t help myself!) and chat with Melissa. She tells me why she was inspired to get into the world of retail, where the name Envy comes from, and reveals what some of her favorites brands that you can buy now at the store. Watch below, or read on the find out!

Melissa tells me it wasn’t always a dream of hers to open a clothing boutique, but with the success of her HSN jewelry line, and her love of clothes, she decided it was the right direction to go in. She says, “I like to create things. I think as I was doing the jewelry line, this felt like the next step, to open a physical location, where I can sell the jewelry and start to pick brands that I love, and just put things together so people can come and shop.”

envy-by-melissa-gorga-6Kelly Dillon/OMJ

Envy carries a lot of unique brands that you won’t be able to find elsewhere in the state. The 37-year-old Montville resident tells me, “I wanted it to be a boutique. I didn’t want you to have to walk in, and feel like you can go go to Macy’s, or go to Bloomingdales, and get the same thing. I wanted it to be hand-picked.”

And hand-picked it is. Melissa tells me she does the all buying for the store. She fills up the racks with a wide array of fabulous designers, from Elizabeth & James, to Calvin Rucker, MCQ, and Derek Lam, and of course her fabulous HSN jewelry line. You will also find a lot of popular Australian labels like C/MEO, and Lovers & Friends, because Melissa, like me, is a huge fan. She says, “They are really fairly priced and you get great quality, and they are super chic, and they are very up to date.”

You can find it all at Envy, from a casual maxi dress to wear while running errands, to a sexy LBD to rock on that hot date. Melissa also carries some of the best designer jeans. She tells me,  “I have great jeans, and I’m a jean person, so it was very important to me have the jean that makes your butt look good, and fit you perfect.”

envy-by-melissa-gorga-5Kelly Dillon/OMJ
envy-by-melissa-gorga-4Kelly Dillon/OMJ

Melissa is so hands on at Envy, that she loves to be on the floor helping customers, by picking out looks and styling them. The mom of three says, “I love to dress people. I love to do your hair and makeup, and doll you all up. I like to make girls feel pretty.”

What sets Envy apart from other local boutiques is their amazing customer service (they even serve wine!). Melissa tells me that is something she places high value on, “We have such a great staff here too at Envy, so customer service is very important to me. I want everyone to come in, especially if they’re fans of the show, or if they are just stopping by, hoping to come in and see me in here. It’s important to me that my staff is great, and I have a great staff,. It’s really a fun environment. We’re always playing music, and everyone is in the dressing room, and you’re getting helped here.”

envy-by-melissa-gorga-1Kelly Dillon/OMJ

It was truly a family affair building Envy. Melissa’s husband, Joe Gorga, built the store from the ground up in about six weeks. Melissa tells me we will be seeing the process unfold on Season 7 of RHONJ which premieres July 10. She says, “You are going to see it from the ground up, which is super exciting. You are going to see this place when it had green paint on the walls, it looked nothing like this.”

Melissa also tells me, it was her best friend Maria Chappa, who came up with the name Envy. She says, “I think everyone expected me to do the long Italian name, and I didn’t want that. I wanted modern and chic, and she’s like ‘how bout Envy’, and I was like ‘yes!’ Envy the clothes, envy what someone’s wearing, it’s perfect.”

envy-by-melissa-gorga-2Kelly Dillon/OMJ

When picking a location, Melissa tells me she followed her stomach! She says, “Montclair is just such a great town. It has a lot of foot action going on, it’s a shopping town, and it has some of the best restaurants in NJ. I’m Italian, and I like to eat, so I needed to go where the restaurants are.” Melissa’s favorite Montclair restaurant happens to be an OMJ favorite as well, Fresco!

envy-by-melissa-gorga-3Kelly Dillon/OMJ

With a successful first few months under her belt, Melissa says she would love to open a second location one day. She tells me, “Never say never. Probably, I want to let this go for a year first to settle in, and get a grip on it.”

You can visit Envy by Melissa Gorga at 609 Bloomfield Ave in Montclair, or you can shop online at