Zach Braff on a beach towel! Could summer get any better?

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Actor Zach Braff is ready for the beach, or at least, his cute face is when it’s plastered all over this adorable beach towel! He posted an adorable photo of fellow actor Eli Roth lounging in the sun surrounded by Zach’s face, calling it “the sexiest towel of summer 2016.” (And really, is he wrong?)

While we couldn’t find the towel for sale, this isn’t the first time the literally star-studded item has made an appearance. His buddy, Scrubs co-star Donald Faison (of Clueless fame), posted a photo of himself with the towel draped over his shoulder to wish Zach a happy birthday in April during the pair’s birthday weekend celebration in Cabo San Lucas.

When I think about you I touch myself… @thecapehotel #happybirthdayZB

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The Garden State writer, director and star, who was born in South Orange, took the 41st birthday love to a whole new level by, yes, wearing himself around his waist!

Contemplating 41 in my birthday towel @thecapehotel @thompsonhotels #cabo #blessed

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When he’s not being celebrities’ favorite beach accessory, what else is Zach up to? Zipping around on this motorcycle:


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He’s also clearly a Game of Thrones fan, and is not impressed with those who post spoilers:

He stirred up rumors that Dr. Acula, the screenplay his Scrubs character J.D. wrote, just may become an actual movie, with a recent Throwback Thursday image of him and Faison and a Facebook post stating “‘Dr. Acula’ is finally in production.” Is it true or just a joke? That remains to be seen.


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We do know for sure that you can catch him on Season 2 of VH1’s faux reality show Barely Famous, starring Erin and Sara Foster.