Eric and Jessie James Decker get starstruck, too!

Eric-and-Jessie-James-Decker-Vince-VaughnRick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

It’s hard to imagine that the celebrities we fangirl over may be fangirling over someone else, but it happens! Part-time New Jersey residents Eric and Jessie James Decker couldn’t resist snapping a photo with one of their favorite actors, Vince Vaughn. 

One of our fav actors ever!!!

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Perhaps the only thing more exciting than running into your favorite celebrity would be getting the chance to see him or her freak out about their favorite celebrity.

Eric also snapped a photo with another one of his favorites, Blake Shelton. (Who, in typical Blake Shelton style, is holding a red Solo cup.)

One of my favorites! Says it like it is…

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