The official guide to avoiding a basic beach day


Packing for the beach is tough. We get it. Finding a balance between function and fashion is difficult. With Mother Nature constantly throwing a wrench in your plans, it’s basically impossible.

Here are three (totally adorable) essentials you can bring to the shore to avoid a basic beach day!

1. Trendy sunglasses
As much as we adore designer sunglasses, it might be in your best interest to leave your most expensive shades at home. If you’ve ever lost a pair of Dolce and Gabbanas to a surprise wave, you’ll understand the importance of having a few cheap back-up pairs. (Of course, if you have a special bond with your Ray-Bans and aren’t worried about dropping them in the sand, power to you.)


2. Graphic tanks 
Beach coverups don’t have to be boring! Find a long tank with something hilarious written across the front to rock over your bikini. Even if you wouldn’t normally wear graphics in your everyday wardrobe, the beach is the perfect place to send a message with your outfit.


3. A beach cruiser
One of the most popular trends we’ve seen at the beach so far this summer? Colorful bikes! A cycle can totally serve as an accessory and it saves you the headache of searching for parking!


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