Curls and catwalks: We’re still jealous of Jessica Franklin’s adventures in France

Jessica Franklin, better known as HeyGorJess, still has us wanting to move “vacation in France” to the top of our bucket lists with these beautiful photos she’s been posting from her trip. The popular lifestyle and fashion blogger, who has a whopping 65.5K following on Instagram, traveled to Europe with two fellow curly-haired beauties to explore the wonders of a new country and engage in unforgettable adventures.

The ladies did what every woman should do on a daily basis: turn the streets into their own personal runway. Jessica rocked a peach NBD romper from Revolve Clothing with her classic Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. The ladies posted a video doing their best struts, fluffing their natural curls and it screams SLAY!

Check out this adorable video they created  and more pics from her trip below:

Delicious fresh fruit from the local market ????????????????????

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Can you guys tell that I love food yet? Lol #foodie

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