Current obsession: Olivia Blois Sharpe’s majestic pool floats

Olivia-Blois-Sharpe-JerseyliciousAlberto E. Rodriguez

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with former Jerseylicious star Olivia Blois Sharpe. I want to live inside of her Instagram.

For the last two weekends, Olivia’s been hanging out in a pool filled with floats shaped like food and majestic animals. I’m not sure how to get an invite to this unreal pool party, but it is officially the number one task on my summer bucket list. Check out this insane collection:

Cheeseburgers, Smarties and giant rubber ducks wearing sunglasses:

@penelopecupcake 's float game A1 ???????????????????????????????? #FloatsOnFleek

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Dragons, parrots and popsicles:

Floats on fleek

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Unicorns, pizza and ice cream sandwiches:

???? #majesticAF .. Outfit from @two_virgos

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Olivia and her friends even made a Jurassic Park parody with a t-rex float.

Most of these pool floats are available at Urban Outfitters (including the adorable t-rex). My personal favorite? The giant shell. Laying on it is basically a step towards becoming the Little Mermaid.

Urban-Outfitters-mermaid-floatUrban Outfitters