These are a few of my favorite things: Worn-in vintage tees

Your old t-shirt is most likely my new favorite shirt. Seriously. I’m OBSESSED with perfectly worn-in graphic tees, emphasis on the worn-in. That’s the thing, though; It can’t just be any old shirt. Sure I’m particular about the art and text on said tops, but the quality of the material is my main concern. While most people want shirts that haven’t been completely sported to shreds, I don’t. Holes? Love them. Fabric so thin it’s pretty much see through? Even better. My best friends and I have even come up with a name for these rag-like pieces of clothing: “skins.” Weird to the average person? Sure, but we are forever on the hunt for t-shirts worthy of the classification.

These are all pretty amazing.

Sneak peek at a fun collection of 1970s travel graphic t-shirts new in-store!

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Some of favorite places to get “skins”
My boyfriend’s drawer